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Weapon Details for 'Type 100 Submachine gun + Aperture'
Type 100 Submachine gun + Aperture

Weapon Description

Designed and built by the Nambu Arms Manufacturing Company, the Type 100 was a robust, if unremarkable, submachine gun that was first delivered to the Imperial Army, in 1942. Japan was surprisingly late to introduce the submachine gun to its armed forces.

The Type 100 was a well made gun, but the 8x22mm Nambu round was underpowered, roughly the equivalent to the .380 ACP. Atypically for a submachine gun but typical of Japanese small arms, a bayonet lug was fixed under the barrel.

Despite its shortcomings and complexities, the Type 100 had a high quality chrome plated barrel to aid cleaning and reduce wear. Some models also featured a bipod or a complicated muzzle brake.

Weapon Category: Sub Machine Guns Follow this link to get more Informations:  
InGame Weaponname: type100smg_aperture_mp  
50 Players with most Kills
No. Name Kills Deaths
1 hounddog1953 39   100 
2 [AMI]TSF_Pickle 21   53 
3 [AMI]EeRrKk 3   7 

50 Most killed by this Weapon
No. Name Kills Deaths
1 [AMI]Cowboy2969 18   100 
2 [AMI]Amigaman 18   100 
3 [AMI]littledonny3 9   50 
4 [AMI]Grampie50 7   38 
5 [AMI]EeRrKk 6   33 
6 [509]SF_Doc 3   16 
7 [AMI]Nyte_Ryder 3   16 

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