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Name luksusowa
Kills 15
Deaths 11
Team Kills 0
Suicides 0
Ratio 1.3636
Played Time 00:12:35
Favourite Map
Played: 1

Top Aliases
Count Alias
1 luksusowa
Favourite Weapon
Played killed: 9
Last played rounds
No. Date/Time played at Round Details
1 2018-11-26 18:08:20 Details Deathmatch Asylum Asylum

Last 10 Player quotes
Round Details   cya 
Round Details   sound ques key to this game 
Round Details   thought so 
Round Details   i was trying to knife you a few 
Round Details   didn't hear me behind you 
Round Details   no sound? 
Round Details   lol 
Round Details   alright look for me 
Round Details   im going by syracuse today on my way to jersey 
Round Details   kitchener ontario 
Top used Weapons
Weapon Kills Ratio
Svt-40 Svt-40 9  100 
Thompson M1A1 + Extra Ammo Thompson M1A1 + Extra Ammo 5  55 
Colt M1911 Colt M1911 1  11 
Top played Maps
Map Map Name Played Count Ratio
Asylum Asylum 1  100 
Top Victims
Victim Name: Kills Ratio
[AMI]Amigaman 15  100 
Top killed by
Killer Name: Kills Ratio
[AMI]Amigaman 11  100 
Top Hitlocations where you hit others

No. Hitlocation Killcount
1 Lower Torso 11
2 Upper Torso 2
3 Head 1
4 Upper left leg 1
Top Hitlocations where you got killed by others

No. Hitlocation Killcount
1 Lower Torso 4
2 Upper right leg 2
3 Head 2
4 Upper left arm 1
5 Lower right leg 1
6 Upper Torso 1

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